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Steffanie . 19 . Peruvian . Music fan . Self taught artist, i love to paint and draw, this is the most important thing about me :) In this blog you will find whatever ok, i don't give a fuck anymore but a big part will be tokio hotel things :D hope you like, PEACE! Person(s) with natural beauty


When I say I love you about a band member I don’t mean it like omg marry me

I mean it like, wow you’ve legitimately helped me through so many things in my life and I can never say thank you enough 

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That is the best reaction ever.

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it was important for me to do this…for science.

We appreciate your love for science.

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The Signs as The Strokes Songs


Aries- Machu Picchu

Taurus- The End Has No End

Gemini- Take It Or Leave It

Cancer- Razorblade

Leo- You Only Live Once

Virgo- Welcome To Japan

Libra- One Way Trigger

Scorpio- Juicebox

Sagittarius- Taken For A Fool

Capricorn- 12:51

Aquarius- Reptillia

Pisces- You’re So Right

yay razorblade :3

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"First time I heard ‘Hard To Explain’, I came." by ben taylor on Vine

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tv shows and films that have mentioned The Strokes.

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The Duder
Julian Casablancas + Room On Fire

Sofia Coppola’s signature shot. 

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MGMT live @ Egyptian Room. Indianapolis, 2013.